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Professional organizations we are associated with…


Applied is associated with top support professionals in the region, creating a network of knowledge, technology, and resources that allow us to help our customers reach their goals.

NexGenSolutions acquired Applied’s Autodesk software sales division in early 2022. They have offered best-in-class training and support for leading CAM software providers since 2008. They offer solutions for design, manufacturing, data and lifecycle management, and production planning. They have been named Autodesk’s Top Service Delivery Partner in the Americas in 2022 and 2023.


The MPMA (Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association) has been a leader in the state of Minnesota for the past 65 years in the precision manufacturing industry.

Workforce development is the foundation of MPMA’s Strategic Plan, which includes:

  • Advocacy and Government Relations: To be the leading voice for Minnesota‚Äôs precision manufacturing industry, through our advocacy, to strengthen the skilled workforce.
  • Career Pathways and Opportunities: To develop and coordinate integrated and progressive pathway activities within manufacturing for parents, students, and educators from elementary school to post high school.
  • Workforce Training (Incumbent Skills): Provide training support for the machinists, emerging leaders, and owners of MPMA member companies.


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