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Why Applied

When we say “Why Applied,” we don’t see this as a question. It’s a statement that we stand proudly behind. We are the only firm with the talent and technology to fit your project, your process and your culture. So, whether you need engineering solutions for your company, are an experienced professional looking for a new challenge or a recent grad wanting to break into the field, we’ll show you just why Applied Engineering is the right fit for you.

Seeking out better solutions?

At Applied Engineering, our full-time engineers and IT specialists bring talent and technology to your company that blends in perfectly with your culture. At the same time, our advanced engineering solutions and knowledge stand out all on their own.

We are innovative. We use the latest technology and best practices to keep your processes running smoothly. Our talented engineers find out-of-the-box solutions to your unique problems.

We are adaptable. What sets us apart is our ability to show up whenever and however you need us. Whether you need start-to-finish design work or just an extra set of hands to get a project finished on time, we can help. Short- or long-term, at your site or ours, we are there.

We are dependable. We provide quality work that we are proud to put our name on – every time. We know it can be daunting to bring a new person onto your team, especially for a limited time. That’s why communication and accountability are so important to us.

Looking for a new career challenge?

At Applied, you’ll find rewarding challenges to keep you on the forefront of your field. Plus, you will be collaborating with passionate and dedicated professionals like yourself to create the best results for our clients. 

We are versatile. Our fast-paced, dynamic environment offers diverse projects like product design, factory automation, web programming, web design, and more, allowing our engineers to find projects that spark their interest and drive their learning. With this diversity of projects, our employees are constantly challenged to stay on the forefront of their field. As a result, we cultivate some of the best minds in the business, and our employees are given the impetus to never stop growing.

We are employee-owners. This means every member of our team has a vested interest in both our clients’ success and our employees’ success. Our management team provides support by offering opportunities to learn and develop new skills, gain and apply knowledge, and take on leadership roles.


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