Why Applied

When we say “Why Applied,” we don’t see this as a question. It’s a statement that we stand proudly behind. We are the only firm with the talent and technology to fit your project, your process and your culture. So, whether you need engineering solutions for your company, are an experienced professional looking for a new challenge or a recent grad wanting to break into the field, we’ll show you just why Applied Engineering is the right fit for you.

Seeking out better solutions?

At Applied Engineering, our full-time engineers and IT specialists bring talent and technology to your company that blends in perfectly with your culture. At the same time, the precision of our engineering ideas and engineered technology stand out all on their own. We offer software and systems with the precision only an engineer can deliver, so you always get accuracy and absolute efficiency.

We help you turn ideas into products – offering concept, design, simulation and production expertise – supporting every facet of the product lifecycle. And as technology changes, we change – so you’ll always get the benefit of the best technology in the industry. We’ll simplify the systems that run your business – no matter how sophisticated the data structure or how diverse the platform – and we’ll adapt the industry’s engineering systems to fit your workflow, with customized training programs to keep your team in top performance.

Looking for a new career challenge?

As a fast-paced technology company, we offer opportunities to learn and develop new skills, gain and apply knowledge and take on leadership roles. Our dynamic environment offers diverse projects like product design, factory automation, web programming, web design and technology sales. You’ll also find rewarding challenges to keep you on the forefront of your field. Plus, you will be collaborating with passionate and dedicated professionals like yourself to create the best results for our clients. With the diversity of consulting projects and technology we use, our employees are constantly challenged to stay on the forefront of their field and technological advancements. As a result, we cultivate some of the best minds in the business, and our employees are given the impetus to never stop learning.

Every member of our team is completely invested in making sure every project is successful and every customer relationship is long-term. Our diverse team of engineers is completely devoted to understanding your products and processes to consistently deliver talent, experience and results. We’re the region’s top provider of design and manufacturing software, so you get the best perspective and right tools for your department, every time. That’s just how we fit.

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