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Top 10 Reasons to Use Applied Engineering

There are countless reasons to use Applied Engineering to solve your manufacturing, engineering, and technology challenges. Here are the top ten:

  • Experience: We have a large staff of engineers, designers, and technicians experienced in product design, testing, and manufacturing.
  • Flexibility: We’ll work at your site or at ours, on a variety of software, when and where you need us.
  • Cutting Edge: Our staff is trained on the latest tools like Autodesk Inventor, Creo, NX, SolidWorks, and FEA and analysis software.
  • Cost Effective: With Applied, you can start and stop projects as budgets allow, and you’ll save on training, recruiting, and other costs.
  • Goal Oriented: Our staff is able to work with tight deadlines to get your project done on time.
  • Outside Perspective: Our engineers work in a variety of industries, meaning they can bring out-of-the-box solutions to your project.
  • Stability: Applied has continued to grow over it’s last 35+ years to over 100 employees and is a reliable, dependable partner.
  • Local: We’re part of the same communities as many of our customers, and we believe in personal, face-to-face meetings when needed.
  • Diverse, Yet Focused: Our range of skills include many areas of engineering and technology to bring our customers a complete solution.
  • Guarantee: Our company has grown based on our strong reputation for providing superior engineering services.


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