Software Development

Custom Software Development

At Applied Engineering our talented team of developers will help you streamline workflows, manage data and find usable technology solutions through software development and support. We’ve used our experience and expertise to provide software development services to small and large companies alike in a variety of industries. See how we can fit your software development needs.

What are some of the benefits of custom software development? We’re glad you asked. It can reduce errors caused by manual data entry, increase productivity by reducing data entry, can automate manual processes and standardize business processes to improve efficiency.

What’s the process of custom software development?

We utilize an agile software development process, which means we work in small iterations (or sprints), allowing you to be part of the process by providing us feedback throughout the entire design and development cycles.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Give us a call to schedule a free requirements assessment meeting
  • Identify problems and processes you’d like to streamline
  • We then deliver a comprehensive proposal outlining the core functionality of your software application
  • We begin designing and developing your software application through ongoing iterations based on your feedback
  • User acceptance testing is conducted throughout the entire development cycle, allowing you and your users to see the software as it’s being developed
  • We deliver on-site user training and technical documentation
  • “Go Live” or implementation of your new software application
  • After your “Go Live” date, we offer ongoing support, bug fixes and software enhancements, so you’re never without help

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What languages do you program in?

Our team of experts uses a variety of current software development languages to drive your applications including, but not limited to:

  • PHP
  • XML
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript

As well as the following database systems:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL

Applied also provides additional services that fill in the gaps of the typical software development project

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Database Administration
  • Application Architecture

Applied Engineering is skilled in Microsoft SharePoint development and integration, too.


Recent Projects

Applied Engineering can make your business more efficient by employing rigorous development methods to your project to put an end to disconnected systems, manual processes and waste in your workflow. Below are some recent projects completed by Applied Engineering.

You can input search terms to filter the results.

Technologies/Frameworks UsedProject TypeIndustryProject Overview
Java Spring MVC, HTML, JSTL, JavaScripteCommerce websiteRetailA customer requested our software development services in order to create a logic to apply the correct promotion that should appear in the cart view. Now different promotions will automatically be applied depending on what a customer has in the online shopping cart.
Analyzer, service library, Bobcat Advanced Troubleshooting.Service Team Troubleshooter ConstructionA large construction company needed extra assistence resolving quality and technical issues with various construction machinery. Our software engineers provided assistance to the service team, streamlining the process and were able to meet deadlines.
CAD, and PDM and PLM systems, Creo 3.0, Extralink, WebPIMsOn-site supportConstructionOur software engineers were brought in to assist with CAD software support in a CAD administrator role. The success in this undertaking later caused the support role to later be developed into a systems Engineer role.
Allen Bradley Rslogix 5000 and Factorytalk ViewSystem design and programming.AutomotiveAn automotive design company contacted Applied seeking help with system design and programming. One of our software engineers was brought in to work alongside the automation department in order to complete a heafty load of tasks and projects.
NXP’s CodeWarrior, Visual Studio, NI Labview, git, cvs, pythonembedded, real-time system in C languageAerospaceApplied was contacted with a request to receive support from one of our software engineers in order to write application code, create debugging hardware, create software tooling for development, and collaborate on system documentation.
Microsoft Access database
VBA programming language
After school programs online billing system.GovernmentOur software engineer developed an application that tracks the status of monthly billing and automatically generates billing statements and allows for payment entry. Applied has made it maintainable by an in-house non-programmer staff member, thus reducing the amount spent annually on support and maintenance of the application.
Classic ASP and ASP.Net,
Microsoft SQL server database
Online reservations system through a public websiteGovernment Applied took over the task from a previous developer that retired and converted a previous application from using a Microsoft Access database to now using Microsoft SQL Server that allows for customers to register and reserve campground sites online.
ASP.Net, AngularJS, C#.Net, Microsoft SQL Server database, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Shelter/Pool reservation system GovernmentThe Bismarck Parks and Recreation Department neede an application developed from the ground up to allow for shelter/pool reservations. An Applied sowtware engineer designed the system to adapt to future changes and combine all shelters and facilities into one application.
C#.Net, Silverlight, Entity Framework 6, SQL ServerEmployee Intranet siteConstructionOne of our software engineers was tasked with remodeling the HR employee data system for a customer. It was updated to use the more modern entity 6 framework, as well as expand the integration of the system with other HR systems.
C#.Net, SQL Server, AutoCAD Integration, AS/400 IntegrationEmployee Intranet siteManufacturingA customer contacted Applied in need of converting an old engineering data system from an Excel/VBA to a C#/MSSQL database structure, with Autocad and IBM AS/400 integration.
Avada WordPress theme
Company WebsiteServicesA customer needed a website in a short time frame. Applied was able to provide a website to the cusomer in under 60 hours of billable time including analysis meetings, design, development, and launch.
Classic ASP
Microsoft Access databases
District school board policies website EducationAn Applied software engineer was tasked with continously maintaining a school board policies website. The site needed to be maintained continuous as weekly up to date information and policy changes were a large priority.
WordPress, MySQL, Buntington Eduction WordPress theme
Redesigned WebsiteEducationApplied was requested in completely redesigning a company website by moving from the previous classic ASP format into a current flexible and modern looking WordPress, public facing website.
Microsoft Access database and application,
VBA, programming language
Access reports
Updated Internal application on websiteEducationA customer contacted Applied with a request to update a current application in order to increase efficiency by incorporating many standard processes in order to minimize the amount of technical support needed from an outside source.
MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.Data FlowConstructionOur Applied software engineer was tasked with the project of managing purchase requests, purchase orders from vendors/supplier database, project management Info, shop inventory management to streamline prototype builds.
ASP.NET and JavascriptInternal-use softwareGovernmentApplied was brought on to assist with a project of developing an internal-use software for government use. Since the development, one of our software engineers has provided general maintenance to the application.
Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Vault Professional, Remote Desktop software, Microsoft Visual Studio and Excel Autodesk Vault implementation:AgricultureA client had recently purchased Autodesk Vault Professional from our Applied sales team and needed assistance from our software engineering services getting their data migrated to the new software.

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