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Technology Solutions & IT Services

A Customized Combo

At Applied Engineering, we tailor our software options to fit your specific needs. Why do we do this? Because not every industry is the same. We determine your current issues and create software solutions, customizing applications to your business and helping improve data sharing capabilities and employee productivity. Who doesn’t want that?

We offer everything from distribution, job request and management systems, to retail and project management software. By doing this, we help you reduce errors and increase efficiency. Tell us your biggest technological and software setbacks, and we’ll find answers that match just what you need.

Flexible Yet Functional

You’ll be part of the process. We value your feedback as we go along, so when your software package is ready, we’ve eliminated the problems that are holding you back. Once delivered, we offer ongoing support, bug fixes and software enhancements so you’re never without help.

IT Systems Administration

Don’t let IT issues weigh you down. Applied Engineering works on-location to provide immediate support of your critical IT systems. We have the knowledge, resources and skilled staff to design networks, setup and manage your email, configure firewalls, and make hardware and server recommendations.

We also have experienced and certified system administrators trained to help you with technology conversions, so you can store and search your data, while keeping your files safe, yet available to your staff.

CAD Data Migration

Have outdated data management? Applied Engineering can update your systems with the click of a button. Our proactive approach ensures the safe transfer of old digital files to current formats, storage types or even a completely new computer system with our CAD data migration options. From converting drawings or updating an entire database, we do all types of data migration.

With experts located in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Texas, we’re ready to make your IT systems work better. Contact us to get organized.