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We Fit Your Software Development Challenges

Applied Engineering’s talent, technology and adaptability will help you conquer your challenges.


Model Creation

We’ll save you time by automating the repetitive tasks associated with CAD modeling.

Shop Orders

We can automate the delivery of your CAD models to the format needed in fabrication.


By analyzing dollars allocated, division performance, and a variety of human input, we’ll assist your HR department in calculating your employees’ annual merit based pay raises.


Time Cards

We’ll increase your timecard functionality by allowing managers to track tasks involved with the completion of a project, how much time each employee spends on a project, and how much time is spent on each project as a whole.

New Product Development

By analyzing a project’s potential impact on each of your departments, we’ll help you prioritize projects that will add the most value to your company as a whole.

Quality Data

We’ll help you organize your data for use with ISO standards into one up-to-date and secure database that can be used for reporting and historical information.

Secure Secure

Excel Spreadsheets

Maintaining large spreadsheets can be a struggle. We’ll put all of your spreadsheet data into an easy to use web enabled database. Employees with access can find any business information they need, secure and uncorrupted, all in one place.


We’ll create a database on a server that offers long term data security and easy search capabilities so that your employees can get the information they need, when they need it.

Business Continuity

We’ll help you set up the process to keep your data safe. With file backup, corruption protection, and security systems in place, you’ll be able to keep your information moving without the fear of losing it.


A  Story of How We Fit

Bobcat Online Library


Bobcat had an issue where they had thousands of product manuals available for all their different models but no clear easy way to navigate and find a manual that you may need. They wanted a system that could index gigabytes of pdf files into a manageable website that could be easily accessed by their users.


Applied’s team of programmers and software development professionals worked with Bobcat to develop a custom online library accessible by users around the world. A two-sided approach was used to handle both the indexing and the presentation of the product manuals. Each day an automated program scanned through the thousands of product manuals that were in the archives and pushed all relevant data into an easy-to-search database. The navigation side of the solution was accomplished with a secure website that separated the immense volume of information with an easily navigated and searchable interface. The website administrators had the ability to easily customize the appearance of function of the website. This solution has since been expanded to the customer’s global operations, and also expanded to a mini-application that runs on a USB key for a more portable version of the product manual library.