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Applied Engineering is an employee-owned engineering and technology company that was founded in Fargo, ND in 1986. We have grown and diversified over the years, and we serve our customers at their sites or at one of our  locations: Fargo, ND, Bismarck, ND, Brooklyn Park, MN, Sioux Falls, SD, and Addison, TX.

Our greatest strength is in our skilled and dedicated employee-owners. We strive to be highly trained, technically capable and able to partner with our customers to provide a solution that best fits your needs. We are proud of our company, and we hope we can work with you to make your business more successful.

David Raatz
CEO, Applied Engineering, Inc.

Mission and Vision

What do we really do at Applied Engineering and, more importantly, what do we plan to do next? These not-so-simple questions help us define our purpose and craft our future as a company – they shape our brand as it relates to our customers, our culture and our community. Fortunately, the answers are easy to follow:

Our Mission is to provide exceptional talent and technology to our customers.

Our Vision is to be the company people come to for the best engineering and IT work.

Whether you work here, want to work here, or work with us as a client, these key phrases form our very foundation as a company. The remind us all how the job gets done and where the work will take us.

Our Values

We all have a moral code that we follow. It’s what makes us work harder; it’s what makes us work together. And it’s made up of four essential attributes every single one of us shares.

Integrity: We mean what we say and deliver what we promise.
Quality: What we do, we do well.
Leadership: We are innovative and adaptable.
Ownership: We are owners, accountable for our actions and continuously improving our company.

These are the words we live by. They’re how we fulfill our mission and achieve our vision. They are critical to who we are as a company.

Our Position

At Applied we are different from our competition in many ways, but they can be summed up in one simple word: Fit.

Yes. It is that simple. When you think of Applied Engineering, we want you to know we fit better than any other firm. We fit your needs for engineering; we fit your needs for IT infrastructure and custom software; we fit your needs for reprographics; we fit right into your very organization, if that’s the way you want it.

Fit is the idea, and our official position reads as follows: Applied Engineering is the only firm with the talent and technology to fit your project, your process and your culture.

Our Personality

Our intentions, our actions and our communications reflect who we are, and at Applied, we know very well who that is. This is our personality, and we strive to make it come through clearly in every client interaction.
We are precise: We’re exacting. We bring the accuracy and meticulousness of elite engineers to everything we do.
We are devoted: We’re all-in. We’re immersed in the entire engineering and technology disciplines from the timeless principles to the most modern tools.
We are clear: We’re simplifiers. We make amazingly complex ideas extraordinarily easy to understand.
We are adaptable: We’re flexible. We have the experience, talent and infrastructure to work in different environments and on projects of every size.

Pillars and Support

These messaging pillars give our brand a leg to stand on. Three legs, actually, and that builds a better stool.

Top Talent

We have full-time engineers and IT experts to fit your project—or fit into your team—and attack any problem head-on.

  • We are full-time engineers, not contractors.
  • We offer IT expertise from exacting engineers.
  • Everyone’s an owner. Everyone’s invested.
  • We provide live and local technical support.

Total Technology

We deliver the technology and tools to power both your engineering department and your entire business.

  • We bring the industry’s best tools to your team.
  • We develop efficient alternatives to IT infrastructure.
  • We reduce the complexity of systems and processes with custom software.
  • We use the latest technologies for our architectural digital imaging services.

Absolute Adaptability

We are built to scale, so we can flex to fit your work style and project needs.

  • We work onsite or offsite. Whatever fits.
  • We work from concept through production.
  • We create elite engineering apps, customized for you.
  • We provide technical training, tailored to you.

In Summary

Applied Engineering blends talent and technology into a perfect fit for your business. We can help concept, design and test your manufacturing products or processes with our full-time engineers sitting in your office or offsite. We can customize the top engineering tools to how you and your team work. We can design and build IT infrastructure and custom systems to support your entire business. And we can deliver it all—the engineering ideas and engineered IT—from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Ready to see us in action? Contact us now.

Our Awards

Applied Engineering Awards 2018