Your company is expanding. You’re feeling the impact of the economic boom. These are great things. But do you ever find your head swimming with How are we going to stay ahead, Who can upgrade our software, We need to cut our production time in half, How can we keep our IT systems secure … ?

Running an efficient machine is hard work, and sometimes it takes the help of other machines like Applied Engineering. We offer solutions and support for companies seeking everything from simple fixes to long-range planning. We’ve worked with clients in a vast array of industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing and many more. See how our solutions fit your needs.

Engineering Services

If you’re looking for the expertise and personnel to analyze and complete your project on time and on target, Applied Engineering has the resources and people to get the job done.

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Software Development

If you’re looking for ways to streamline workflows, manage data or find technology solutions, Applied Engineering can help. From improving efficiencies to digital prototyping options, our experts can go to work to help your bottom line.

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Technology Solutions & IT Services

If you’re looking for stability, reliability and security of your data, hardware and software, Applied Engineering’s technology team can help with network architecture, technology recommendations, and system migration and implementation.

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Print & Image Services

If you’re looking for large-format printing, storage and digitization of paper prints, drawings and architectural renderings, Applied Engineering can help you review, print, ship, distribute and archive, so you can focus on your project.

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Recent Projects

Below are some recent projects completed by Applied Engineering for its customers across a variety of industries.
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Software(s) UsedProject TypeIndustryProject Overview
SolidWorksAutomated concrete panel surface finish wet sand blasterConstructionA customer contacted Applied in need assistance designing an automated concrete palen surface finish wet sand blaster system. We started with the basic concept of what they were trying to accomplish for their customer and, through the design process, developed a complete system from the bottom up.
Autodesk InventorHydrocyclone Aggregate classification equipmentAgriculture/AggregateA company needed assistance developing a new design for a series of hydrocyclones for classifying raw aggregate material into varying material classes. Applied was able to assign one of our mechanical engineers to assist in designing other novel classification equipment for new product lines they wanted to expand upon.
SolidWorksDiesel Engine 3D file conversionAutomotiveThe customer had 3D CAD files in a universal file format and wished to have them converted to SolidWorks format. Once our engineers completed the conversion, the customer then needed assistence for a series of add on components to be designed to fit the engines.
SolidWorksWind generator blade gelcoat and fiberglass application trolleyEnergyThis client needed modifications made to a trolley system they had purchased from their vendor. Applied engineers were tasked with the designing of additional components necessary to lengthen the trolley, as well as fabrication and installation of the finished product.
CreoWheel loader fender lift cartAgriculture/ ConstructionA company contacted Applied needing a new fixture designed to aid in lifting the fenders up for installation without the use of overhead chains or cranes. An engineer was sent out to design the wheel loader fender lift cart, and see the project through completion.
SolidWorksPortable refrigerated cooler designConsumer ProductsThis customer needed help developing their design for a liquid carbon dioxide powered refrigerated food cooler. An Applied mechanical engineer was tasked with the project and sent over to work along side their design division.
SolidWorksIce cleat designRetailA customer needed several modifications made to their already existing product line of slip on rubber ice cleats for boots and shoes. By contacting Applied, a mechanical engineer was able to be brought on in a timely fashion to work right alongside the design team.
SolidWorks, SolidWorks SimulationInduction heaterAutomotiveAn Applied engineer was brough on and designed automated manufacturing equipment for a customer. The process included engineering a custom induction heater matching that matched all of the customers specifications.
Creo, MS Office products & Team center.Product DesignAgricultureAn Agriculture design company contacted Applied in need of a mechanical engineer to assist with some of their design projects. The engineer was brought on, and was able to fit seemlessly into the design space.
Autodesk InventorProduct DesignRetailThe project included creating assemblies to show the differences in types of sills, side jambs, and head jambs that were being packaged. In addition, drawings and presentation views were created to document how the new door was being packaged and shipped. Applied created the standards that could be followed throughout the company for future packAgricultureing lines.
CreoCurrent product engineeringAgriculture/ConstructionA client turned to Applied for assistence with designing new and improving current products. Customers of this construction company have requested new buckets and components for their current machines. An Applied mechanical engineer designed the new models to fit multiple OEMs.
CreoExtralink for releasing and vaulting models and drawings.Agriculture/ ConstructionOur Applied enginner assists in the design of custom skid steer attachments right along side the design team. The designs created may be for customer orders, R&D, or revising current attachements for the customer product line.
CreoWarranty AnalysisAgricultureWe had a customer contact us that was recently having trouble with warrantee issues. The engineer from Applied suggested an alternate latching mechanism for which to provide kinematic and static analyses. This drastically reduced the warrentee issues the client was facing, thus increasing revenue.
Autodesk InventorData translationMiningA company needed to hire an engineer to fill a temporary position for a project. An Applied engineer was tasked with converting 2D AutoCad prints into 3D models and drawings of their existing products.
Autodesk InventorAssembly fixtures MiningApplied received a request from a mining company in need of a mechanical engineer. One of our engineers was sent over and tasked with designing fixtures and documenting the assembly process.
CreoPlastics design - Die casting designAgriculture/ConstructionA customer came to Applied with a project that included designing custom electrical connectors, die-cast aluminum housings/heatsinks, and injection molded plastic housings/coverscontroller to be used on diesel engines.
CreoVehicle Interior designAutomotiveOne of our mechanical engineers was put on the project of designing parts for vacuum formed plastics, compression molded rubber, and composites (headliner).
SolidWorksAutomation equipment designAutomotiveAn Automotive company contacted Applied in need of a mechanical engineer to assist with some of their automation equipment design projects. The engineer was brought on, and was able to fit seemlessly into the design space.
SolidWorksProject EngineeringAgricultureA client needed solidworks expertise because they had primarily been using 2D AutoCAD to design their new tender. Applied provided an engineer with solidworks expertise in order to convert and help complete their projects
Ansys FEA, CreoFEA AnalystAgriculture/ConstructionA customer needed another analyst to help get through their backlog of analysis requests. Applied sent over an experienced employee to help with the heavy project load the customer was facing in a timely manner.
SolidWorksAutomation equipment designFood IndustryOne of our engineers worked primarily on updating scans of hand drawn prints to a 3D model and new prints. Changing some design aspects as well as creating the platforming with all the OSHA regulations and rails and guarding.
Microsoft Office products, specialized software for production tracking, accounting, change management, and test dataProgram ManagementAgriculture/ConstructionThe tasks Applied was needed for included coordinating multiple projects and continuous improvement activities, managing agricultureing cross functional teams, supporting resolution of production issues, and clearly communicating updates to the customer.
Software(s) UsedProject TypeIndustryProject Overview
SolidWorksPackaging evaluationManufacturingA customer asked Applied to come in and evaluate their packaging methods and provide suggestions for improvements. They also asked for suggestions on how to create drawings for all of their finished goods products. We provided guidance on how to test and improve their packing methods and are currently quoting a system to automatically generate the drawings they need for their new MRP system.
CreoLifting tool for an oil services companyEnergyA client contacted Applied needing to produce a set of detailed drawings and a certification report referencing the applicable standards. We sent over one of our many capable engineers to complete the project.
MinitabQuality EngineerAgriculture/ ConstructionOne of our maufacturing engineers was tasked with using statistical tools to evaluate measurement systems and process variability. Then translating the statistical outputs to identify and design opportunities to improve manufacturing processes.
Adobe FrameMaker and CreoWriting standards on hardware specificationsConstructionA construction company contacted Applied in need of a manufacturing engineer to assist with some of their writing standards on hardware specifications. The engineer was brought on, and was able to fit seemlessly into the manufactural design space of the company.
CreoFixture redesignAgricultureApplied was contacted by an ag company in need of a manufacturing engineer to increase efficiency by redesigning part fixtures to maximize the fixture that is already in place to reduce costs of producing new fixtures.
AutoCADMoving manufacturing lines to make room for new product linesConstructionA contruction comapany needed a engineer with expertise in manufacturing. An engineer was but on the project of designing manfacturing line layouts. The were also tasked with following up by running time studies and presenting the findings.
Creo and AutoCADConstruction and aggregate handling equipment specifically working on skid steer loaders and gravel conveyorsConstructionApplied was brought in a design capacity to help improve speed to market and to meet customer deadlines. We achieved this by taking on aspects of projects that the customer did not have the time or staff to do themselves
Microsoft Project and CreoCreating, prototyping, and troubleshooting harnesses for new compact loaders.ConstructionAn Applied engineer developed a new way to route a harness in a high vibration area and still allow the harness to move over a harness length of 30 inches. Prior to this project, harnesses were stationary and tied down every 8-10 inches to prevent rubbing issues. The project has saved $330k annually since 2012.
Microsoft Project and CreoQuality improvement/ cost reductionManufacturingAn Applied engineer evaluated ideas submitted from employees and addressed the quality improvement and/or cost reduction projects. Applied managed projects with minimal oversight from customer and took projects from the idea stage all the way to implementation (this includes project validation, design, testing, tooling, sourcing, and manufacturing)
AutoCADDrafting Industrial conveyor manufacturerAn industrial converyor manufacturer needed engineering documentation support to their design team. Applied sent over a specialized enginner to fit their needs in a timely manor.
SOMAT data acquisitionTesting and product design validationConstruction/ ManufacturingA construction equipment manufacturer needed help with testing new product designs to give validation to the new designs. Applied has supported their hydraulic testing needs by providing a manufacturing engineer.
AutoCADTestingConstruction/ ManufacturingApplied was contacted by a construction company needing help with instrumenting machines with test equipment, conducting physical testing, working with data acquisition systems to record testing, using special software to analyze data, communicating results, and writing reports.
CreoProduct DesignConstructionFor the mini excavator equipment line of a contruction company, Applied designed and developed new product, along with cost savings/value adding projects which include design of plastic covers/styling, castings, hydraulic hoses and routings, and sheet metal components and weldments.
Solid WorksCustom automation machine designAutomationApplied was brought in to increase manufacturing efficiency by streamlining processes for manufacturing and finishing products. This will save the company both money and time in future.
Creo, AutoCAD, MS Office
Process EngineerAgricultureThe project Applied was brought in on included responsiblity for multiple processes related to manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards. This included setting up new products/prototypes on the line, reduce/eliminate manufacturing defects, practice and apply safety ergonomics/lean manufacturing, and oversee design/manufacture of various tooling.
MS OfficeProcess Technician Supervisor Agriculture/ElectronicsAn Applied engineer was brought on in a managing position in order to manage production support technicians (14 people) and ensure communication and reviews/deadlines/goals stay on track for the group.
Creo and AutoCADManufacturing engineerConstuctionApplied was contacted by a construction company in need of an engineer who would be in charge of sustaining operations, equipment, and finding opportunities to improve the process of welding excavators.
ERP/PLM systemsProject ManagementAgricultureOne of our Applied engineers worked with ERP and PLM systems specifically designed for a customer, as well as some use in SAP Customer needed project/program management support for projects relating to cost reduction opportunities, product improvements, customer requested product changes, etc.
PLM tools and MS Projects.Program Manager Agriculture/ConstructionApplied was contacted in order to Manage various projects for a construction company on current production products. By utilizing applieds services, the company reduced costs and improved the quality of their products.
data acquisition systems (eDaq, LMS, and Dewesoft) along with data processing software like nCode Glyphworks. Test Engineering AgricultureAn agricultural company needed an engineer whose focus would be towards noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) of tractors by collecting data processing results, and reporting the findings to different groups within the customer’s engineering groups.
ProEHydraulics - Quality/Manufacturing EngineeringAgriculture/ConstructionA company was facing issues with contamination from their machining operations causing leaks in their hydraulic cylinders. Applied works to keep parts that will be transported to the assembly line at the hydraulic cylinder facility clean until they will be used for assembly by designing carts and researching different totes that will keep parts that have been machined clean while they sit.
AutoCAD and Creoreconfiguring assembly line layouts and the associated manufacturing processes.Agriculture/ ConstructionA company had an elevated work load due to adding an additional product to their current line, so Applied assisted in reconfiguring
the assembly line to accommodate the additional product.
CreoManufacturingConstructionThe project Applied was contact for involved supporting the production floor and redesigning a part to increase ease of assembly and reduce costs. This includes updating the models, prints, ECO's and following the proccess through to implementation.
CREO/Pro-E for model evaluations as well as CNH specific softwareProduct ManagementAgriculture/ConstructionApplied evaluated warranty issues, proposed features, and evaluated the solutions. By working with other team members on a global scale to target and follow through on implementation, the product management team worked to increase company efficiency.
UnigraphicsSystems DesignAerospaceA client contacted Applied in need of an engineering manager to support the design and development of the Cargo Handling System while managing critical path milestones in order to see the project through completion.
Infield, NCode Glyphworks, Somat TCE, LabView, CSMconfig, Microsoft Office, and CreoTest EngineeringAgriculture/ConstructionApplied helped with vehicle tests and PTO dynamometer test groups. The project objectives were to instrument machines, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical problems as they arise, and report the test results to the appropriate teams.
AutoCAD and Creo Manufacturing /Industrial EngineeringConstructionThe project Applied was contacted for included a new facility layout, layout changes and process/material flow. Applied's engineer additionionally helped with, fixture design an setting up of weld cells throughout the facility.
Technologies/Frameworks UsedProject TypeIndustryProject Overview
Java Spring MVC, HTML, JSTL, JavaScripteCommerce websiteRetailA customer requested our software development services in order to create a logic to apply the correct promotion that should appear in the cart view. Now different promotions will automatically be applied depending on what a customer has in the online shopping cart.
Analyzer, service library, Bobcat Advanced Troubleshooting.Service Team Troubleshooter ConstructionA large construction company needed extra assistence resolving quality and technical issues with various construction machinery. Our software engineers provided assistance to the service team, streamlining the process and were able to meet deadlines.
CAD, and PDM and PLM systems, Creo 3.0, Extralink, WebPIMsOn-site supportConstructionOur software engineers were brought in to assist with CAD software support in a CAD administrator role. The success in this undertaking later caused the support role to later be developed into a systems Engineer role.
Allen Bradley Rslogix 5000 and Factorytalk ViewSystem design and programming.AutomotiveAn automotive design company contacted Applied seeking help with system design and programming. One of our software engineers was brought in to work alongside the automation department in order to complete a heafty load of tasks and projects.
NXP’s CodeWarrior, Visual Studio, NI Labview, git, cvs, pythonembedded, real-time system in C languageAerospaceApplied was contacted with a request to receive support from one of our software engineers in order to write application code, create debugging hardware, create software tooling for development, and collaborate on system documentation.
Microsoft Access database
VBA programming language
After school programs online billing system.GovernmentOur software engineer developed an application that tracks the status of monthly billing and automatically generates billing statements and allows for payment entry. Applied has made it maintainable by an in-house non-programmer staff member, thus reducing the amount spent annually on support and maintenance of the application.
Classic ASP and ASP.Net,
Microsoft SQL server database
Online reservations system through a public websiteGovernment Applied took over the task from a previous developer that retired and converted a previous application from using a Microsoft Access database to now using Microsoft SQL Server that allows for customers to register and reserve campground sites online.
ASP.Net, AngularJS, C#.Net, Microsoft SQL Server database, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Shelter/Pool reservation system GovernmentThe Bismarck Parks and Recreation Department neede an application developed from the ground up to allow for shelter/pool reservations. An Applied sowtware engineer designed the system to adapt to future changes and combine all shelters and facilities into one application.
C#.Net, Silverlight, Entity Framework 6, SQL ServerEmployee Intranet siteConstructionOne of our software engineers was tasked with remodeling the HR employee data system for a customer. It was updated to use the more modern entity 6 framework, as well as expand the integration of the system with other HR systems.
C#.Net, SQL Server, AutoCAD Integration, AS/400 IntegrationEmployee Intranet siteManufacturingA customer contacted Applied in need of converting an old engineering data system from an Excel/VBA to a C#/MSSQL database structure, with Autocad and IBM AS/400 integration.
Avada WordPress theme
Company WebsiteServicesA customer needed a website in a short time frame. Applied was able to provide a website to the cusomer in under 60 hours of billable time including analysis meetings, design, development, and launch.
Classic ASP
Microsoft Access databases
District school board policies website EducationAn Applied software engineer was tasked with continously maintaining a school board policies website. The site needed to be maintained continuous as weekly up to date information and policy changes were a large priority.
WordPress, MySQL, Buntington Eduction WordPress theme
Redesigned WebsiteEducationApplied was requested in completely redesigning a company website by moving from the previous classic ASP format into a current flexible and modern looking WordPress, public facing website.
Microsoft Access database and application,
VBA, programming language
Access reports
Updated Internal application on websiteEducationA customer contacted Applied with a request to update a current application in order to increase efficiency by incorporating many standard processes in order to minimize the amount of technical support needed from an outside source.
MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.Data FlowConstructionOur Applied software engineer was tasked with the project of managing purchase requests, purchase orders from vendors/supplier database, project management Info, shop inventory management to streamline prototype builds.
ASP.NET and JavascriptInternal-use softwareGovernmentApplied was brought on to assist with a project of developing an internal-use software for government use. Since the development, one of our software engineers has provided general maintenance to the application.
Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Vault Professional, Remote Desktop software, Microsoft Visual Studio and Excel Autodesk Vault implementation:AgricultureA client had recently purchased Autodesk Vault Professional from our Applied sales team and needed assistance from our software engineering services getting their data migrated to the new software.

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