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Meet Our Team

With over 100 engineers and software designers, Applied Engineering is the only firm with the talent, technology, and adaptability to fit your project, your process, and your culture. Our experienced team strives to find innovative and efficient solutions to your manufacturing and design challenges on your schedule and on your budget.

Meet a few members of our team…


Tycho, a Software Development Manager, has been with Applied since 2011 and in the industry since 2006. He is a full stack developer with a heavy emphasis on DevOps. While software development is still a core part of his job, project management, standards and practices, and exploring new frameworks also take up a good amount of his time. Dotnet may be his go-to technology stack but he has developed in many languages and platforms including Linux, Android, Python, Go, and Containerization (docker).

Corey has been an Applications Developer with Applied since 2016, but has lived with a keyboard under his hands since the days of 5.25 inch floppy disks. As a programmer of many hats, he has had experience in the full stack of development, from web page to hosting server and every step between. Automation and CAD integration have been a recent focus as well as part of Applied's domain of business. As a fan of puzzle and strategy games, solving problems is something that is naturally motivating.

Matti, an Embedded Software Engineer, has been with Applied since 2016. He has enjoyed serving customers in a variety of roles including: OS driver design, iOS app development, and custom prototyping. He has experience providing these skills on products including: Avionics, agricultural / construction equipment, PLC controllers and Linux Servers.

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