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Finite Element Analysis

Applied Engineering has a highly knowledgeable analysis group experienced in multiple facets of structural and computational dynamics. Leveraging these technologies is critical in obtaining accurate answers in many applications. Applied Engineering has the tools and experience to take the understanding of your mechanical designs to a whole new level.

Applied Engineering establishes a close and open working relationship with our customers. Communication plays a very important role as the finite element model is built and the analysis load cases are developed. Every effort is made to understand the underlying requirements of each customer so that the analysis results are more than just “pretty pictures”, and are useful from both a qualitative and a quantitative perspective.

Once the analysis is completed, the analyst who conducted the work can explain the methodology and provide the customer with all of the data that is needed to independently reproduce the results.


FEA Overview & Best Practices


Types of Analysis Applied Provides

  • Kinematic Analysis
  • Stress analysis of weldments, structures, piece parts, mechanisms, and systems
  • Energy absorption analysis such as ROPS/FOPS applications
  • Gasket sealing analysis, bolt torque sequencing analysis
  • Closed form calculations
  • Expertise in non-linear analysis
    • Non-linear contact, non-linear friction, and large deflection
    • Non-linear material curves (metals and plastics) and temperature dependant material properties
    • Non-linear geometry
    • Non-linear buckling analysis
    • Non-linear material effects such as stress stiffening, material hardening rules, or creep
  • Modal, harmonic, eigen buckling analyses
  • Direct import of solid models from many CAD systems
  • We are able to work with a wide variety of irons, steels, plastics, and other non-ferrous materials with both linear and non-linear stress-strain characteristics and other non-linear effects
  • Failure analysis


Benefits of Finite Element Analysis

  • Reduce prototype costs
  • Accelerate design cycles
  • Decrease defect rates and product warranty costs
  • Remove product costs from over-designed components and systems
  • Improve product safety
  • Gain insight into product performance and structural behavior otherwise unavailable.


Let’s Get Started

Whether you’re located in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fargo, Eau Claire, Sioux Falls or anywhere in between, Applied can help. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss you’re finite element analysis challenges, and see how we can improve your business.


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