Bobcat Online Library

Bobcat had an issue where they had thousands of product manuals available for all their different models but no clear easy way to navigate and find a manual that you may need. They wanted a system that could index gigabytes of PDF files into a manageable website that could be … Read More

Be More Efficient with Technology and Software

Question: Dealing with a daily business process and wondering if there is a better way to do something to make things more efficient through technology and software? Answer: Business Process Analysis Applied Engineering, Inc. uses a very detailed method for Business Process Analysis that relies upon industry leading tools and … Read More

Have a Better Cloud Experience

Applied presents Brocade and the On Demand Data Center Migrate to a cloud-ready data center that is intelligent, automated, and scalable. Applied and Brocade have years of experience in building cost-effective, fabric-based networks. Together, we deliver game-changing architectures that enable future growth and make the best possible use of existing network … Read More

Speed kills. How to Produce Accurate Quotes Faster.

When a customer is requesting a quote, two things need to happen: You need to accurately estimate machine time, operator time and materials required You need to get the quote back to the customer. Applied Engineering offers integrated manufacturing automation solutions that allow you to quickly produce accurate quotes by … Read More

Leverage Your Data

Applied Engineering, Inc. can take the data you have spread throughout multiple spreadsheets, databases or systems and migrate into a single secure database. During this migration process, a cleanup process can be performed to make sure a high level of data integrity is achieved and then maintained. Once your data … Read More

Authentication vs Authorization

Authentication – Verifies who you are. For example, you can login to a software application and the authentication piece will provide answers to questions like: Who is the user John Doe? Is this user actually who they say they are? The software application will depend on some sort of unique … Read More

Streamline Your Operations & Grow Your Business

Throughout upcoming newsletters Applied Engineering Technology will be exploring ways that you can streamline your operations to grow your business. The graphic above shows how using new advanced technology and re-tooling of your current processes can create faster and more productive operations, leading to better profits and less headaches. To … Read More

The State of Printing Architectural Plans

As we journey further into the digital age, paper copies of plans and other business documents may seem unnecessary. From e-readers to our phone bills, the push to go paperless grows by the day. When it comes to architectural plan sets, however, a high quality hard copy is still as … Read More

Dallas/Ft. Worth engineering school at The University of Texas at Dallas partners with Applied

Premier Dallas/Ft. Worth engineering school at The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) partners with Applied to replace hard-to-manage PCs with a mix of persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops for labs, faculty and staff. The project dramatically reduced desktop provisioning, patching and support costs and improved service for end users, making UT … Read More

Applied Engineering Wins Inaugural Award

Fargo, ND: Applied Engineering, a regional leader in engineering and IT with more than 100 employees, recently earned the Prairie Business award for one of the top 25 best large companies to work for in the region. “We are proud to share this award with large regional companies we admire … Read More