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Applied Engineering Wins 2015 Best 50 Companies Award

EVERYONE at Applied Engineering would like to say “THANK YOU CUSTOMERS!” for standing behind us. We could not have done it without you! Fargo, ND: Applied Engineering, a regional leader in engineering and IT, recently earned the Prairie Business award for one of the Best 50 Places to Work. “We … Read More

What Customers Want…Applied Engineering Has

It is said that about 76% of customers experiences are based on how they feels they were treated by the customer service personnel and about 45% of the experience is based on how the service was personalized. Customers expect a certain level of engagement from the companies with which they … Read More

If You do not Protect Your Documents Today, You may Regret it Later

If you like gloss or matt finish, Applied Engineering laminating services can do them both for you!! Laminating will turn your paper documents into durable, reusable documents that stand up to daily use. When you laminate paper, you protect the paper from water, dirt, creasing, aging, and discoloration. For your construction documents, … Read More

Want to Free up Office Space? Here is how…

With Applied’s Document Scanning Services that will benefit everyone. Document papers laying around the office takes up valuable space that can be utilized more efficiently. The need to retain the information on these documents is why we all save and store it. This becomes expensive and not very accessible. We … Read More

Picture Your Project With Our Team and How We Fit

Using Applied’s Top Talent, Total Technology, and Absolute Adaptability Fits With Your Project, Your Process and Your Culture. First we start with have Top Talent.  The modern factory floor is a complicated mosaic of custom software, machines and computers.  It takes the right people to design and manufacture your products. … Read More

Applied Engineering’s New Partnership with Tintri

Applied Engineering announces our new partnership with Tintri. Tintri challenges the storage quo with a system built specifically for virtualized and cloud environments. Tintri eliminates LUNs and volumes – the markers of out-of-date, physical storage – instead using individual virtual machines as the unit of management. With those opaque containers … Read More

Scan. Archive. Protect. Benefits of Large Format Scanning

Archive and Protect Your Data with Large Format Scanning from Applied Engineering Applied Engineering can scan your existing plans and documents to digital files in black & white or color with the highest image quality. Output format choices of PDF, TIFF, or JPEG. There are many advantages in converting to … Read More

Applied Engineering’s New Partnership with EMC

Applied Engineering announces our new partnership with EMC², a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC² accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT … Read More