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Want to Free up Office Space? Here is how…

With Applied’s Document Scanning Services that will benefit everyone.

Document papers laying around the office takes up valuable space that can be utilized more efficiently. The need to retain the information on these documents is why we all save and store it. This becomes expensive and not very accessible. We at Applied Engineering can offer a scanning solution for that archive of paper. Besides saving on storage, scanning will make the data more accessible and freeing up office space. From small to large projects, we can convert your paper documents to digital format, to meet your company’s individual requirements.

It starts with individual Document Handling. With most paper document collections there is a need to make them “scanner ready” or more commonly referred to as “document preparation”. Such as removing binding, clips, staples, handling post-it notes, etc. While this may appear as a very obvious step in the conversion process, it is also a very important one, and must be performed correctly.

Storing and retrieving construction documents can be a problem. The large over sized and bulky drawings such as blue prints or engineering drawings and supporting documents not only take up space, but without proper storage these plans can degrade over time. Applied Engineering can help organize the information for your project and convert them into a digital format that can be easily stored, retrieved and shared.

Contact Applied Reprographics Specialist to learn how their scanning services can benefit your company.