Did you miss Applied Day 2019?

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Autodesk Manufacturing Tools






In this webinar, Autodesk manufacturing expert Matthew Nichols looks at how you and your organization can leverage the integrated manufacturing processes available to you by way of nesting and CAM.  With integrated design and manufacturing solutions, processes can be streamlined and timelines shrunk to allow for better quoting, faster product introduction, and shortened manufacturing times.

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What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2020






Applied Application Specialist, Jerry Oye, covers the key enhancements available in the new 2020 version of Autodesk Inventor. With the new features available in version 2020, your team will be sure to improve efficiency and expand their abilities.

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What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2020






Applied Application Specialist, Eric Miller, presents an exclusive Autodesk Vault 2020 webinar. Vault is a powerful data management system designed to give your Design Team the ability to work concurrently on projects, securely retain and reuse necessary product data, and manage revisions and other critical part information.  After adding cloud-based project syncing in 2019, the new features in 2020 continue to answer the needs of our customers.

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FEA Overview & Best Practices






Applied Engineer, Alex Sinclair, presents an exclusive Applied Day FEA webinar. This introductory webinar provides a brief theoretical and general background on structural FEA. Each step of the finite element (FE) process also is explored.

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Manufacturing Efficiency






Manufacturing efficiency is synonymous with this solution and includes a large array of topics. Applied’s Manufacturing expert, Steve Thompson, presents options. The specific overview includes signs and symptoms of opportunity, data flow, and people processes.

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Revit BIM in Manufacturing






In this webinar, you will hear from Autodesk BIM expert, Fernando Lima, while you learn BIM and why it is important to offer content, what is Level of Development (LOD) and how to get your content to get specified by designers in their projects.

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