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On March 28th – 29th Applied is hosting two days of exclusive webinars. It will be educational and free. Learn about various topics from Applied’s experienced staff. Each session will be approximately 40 mins with a 10 min Q&A. Register and Attend any session to win a 3Dconnexion Pro Wireless SpaceMouse – The More Sessions You Attend, The Higher Your Chances of Winning. Register Today!

March 28th from 9am – 11am

Session 1. MFG Dashboards and Internet of Things (IOT)

Summary: Any technology now has a secure programming interface.
If it collects data, we can help clients use their data to optimize their business.

Topics to be discussed:

  1. Access to previously inaccessible data
  2. Wireless access
  3. Actionable data- Measure anything, set parameters for action
  4. Livestreaming of sensors
  5. Inexpensive devices
  6. Ultimate integration of systems
    1. Vehicles
    2. Stationary
    3. Highly transportable equipment

Session 2. Data Management 

Summary: Data management is a key component to any successful business.  In this webcast we’ll highlight a couple options provided by Autodesk to better manage your company’s design information.  You will learn how to build more efficient documentation workflows with Vault Professional and/or Fusion Lifecycle.

Topics to be discussed:

  1. File Management
  2. Search Options
  3. Copy Designs
  4. Revision Control
  5. Life-cycle Management
  6. Auto-Part Numbering
  7. Access for Non-CAD Users
  8. 3rd Party CAD Integration
  9. Multi-site replication
  10. Thin Client
  11. BOM Management
  12. Change Management
  13. ERP Integration

Session 3. ERP Integrations 
Summary: Applied Engineering, with its 30 years of experience, has worked with organizations large and small to integrate their ERP software with many systems, applications and technologies.  The following are topics from past or current client situations that are representative of the work we do to help clients connect systems to increase the operational efficiency in their organizations.

Topics to be discussed:

  • View only access
    • Unified log-in
    • Master data access
      • Employees
      • Inventory / Assets
      • Dashboard KPIs
      • Mobile Notifications / views
    • Bi-directional access
      • Bill of Materials synchronization
      • Work Order creation
    • CAD Data
      • Item part validation
      • Purchase parts
      • BOM
      • Data Management
    • Data access methods
      • Live access
      • Staging Tables
      • Secure Views
      • High Availability Systems
    • Challenges
      • Secure Data
      • Older Platforms
      • Customized ERP systems
      • Key staff retirement
      • Multiple or Redundant systems
      • Simplified UI requirements

March 29th from 9 am – 11am

Session 4. PAR Systems:  Chernobyl Confinement project

Summary: A Question and Answer session with Dan Kedrowski, Engineering Fellow at PaR Systems.  PaR designs and builds custom automation and material handling equipment for a variety of applications in multiple industries, they are located in Shoreview, MN.  Dan Kedrowski is the Engineering Lead for PaR’s ongoing involvement in the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement project.  PaR was awarded the contract to design and build the Main Crane Systems for the New Safe Confinement project.   Applied assisted Dan’s team throughout the engineering design portion of this endeavor.  Dan and Joe Gryte, from Applied, will discuss the project from a high level all the way down to some of the finer points of the design and installation of PaR’s components for the project.  They will also take questions from the audience throughout the session.

Topics to be discussed:

    • Background on PaR Systems
    • Relationship between PaR and Applied
      • Engineering Services – over the years and current
      • Software sales and support
      • Future
    • Chernobyl New Safe Confinement project overview
      • Background
      • Companies involved
      • Project goals
      • Project Status and timeline
    • PaR Systems’ role in the project
    • Project Overview
      • Design
      • Major Challenges
      • Prototyping
      • Testing
      • Installation
    • Applied’s role in the project
    • Current state of the project/future plans
    • Q&A
      • Preset questions
      • Live audience questions

Session 5. Electrical Design 

Summary: AutoCAD Electrical is a key component in the design and build of electrical projects.  AutoCAD Electrical simplifies the process of creating drawings used to build and troubleshoot electrical designs.


Topics to be discussed:

  • Intro to AutoCAD Electrical
  • Advantages of AutoCAD Electrical
  • Import/Export from/to Spreadsheet
  • Creating Custom Template

Session 6: Fusion for Everyone 

Summary: Many organizations have invested large amounts of time and money into traditional design tools (CAD/CAM/CAE).  By investing in the cloud and bringing Fusion 360 to the market Autodesk has offered an affordable way to solve some of the key challenges associated with being tied to desktop CAD. This presentation will highlight how Autodesk’s newest technology, Fusion 360 has removed barriers associated with traditional tools that are used in the design to manufacture process.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Introductions and Product Innovation Platform
  • What is Fusion 360?
  • Customer Story
  • Fusion 360 Technical Demonstration
    • Data Import
      • Mesh Data
      • Direct Editing
    • Conceptual/Industrial Design
      • T-Splines
      • Shape Optimization
    • Cloud Enablement
      • Collaboration
      • Rendering
      • FEA
    • Prototyping/Fabrication

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