Exciting Opportunity to Save on the Latest Autodesk Software Now!


Available from  August 7, 2016 to October 21, 2016

Trade-In and Trade Up!


Now is the time to enjoy savings and subscribe. Customers can trade-in their old licenses and trade up to the newest versions. The majority of customers have already shown a preference for Autodesk subscription options over perpetual software licenses.

For those customers who have not tried subscription, this offer is a great way to get current and leverage the value of subscription. With this trade-in offer, customers can get a three-year subscription at half-off—locking in their price for the whole term!

Customers with an eligible Release 14 (approx. 1998) – 2017 perpetual license without a corresponding maintenance plan can save up to 50% when they purchase a new 3-year subscription AND trade-in the eligible perpetual serial number and discontinue use of all seats corresponding to that serial number.

The subscription does NOT have to be to the same product as the traded-in perpetual license, making it a great opportunity for customers changing to an industry collection or another product.

Customers trading in a perpetual license for LT Family products may trade-in for a discount on a subscription to LT Family products only.

Special Offer Conditions

• Can be co-termed to existing licenses provided they have the same term length

• Cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts

• Cannot be combined with Volume Purchase Agreements and Major Account discount

Top questions from customers moving from perpetual licenses to subscription:

What if I do not want to update immediately when updates are available?

Customers who subscribe get access to the most up-to-date Autodesk design and creation
tools as they are released. You also have the control over when you update. Additionally,
customers who subscribe get Previous Version Rights—access to select previous versions of
the software they subscribe to (where available).

I plan my budget long term – what are my options? What about subscriptions for teams?

With single-user or multi-user options and quarterly, annual and multi-year terms,* we offer
many options to help make managing your software budget easier. The 3-year subscription
term in this promotion allows customers to lock-in the price for the 3-year term.

What if I have trouble using software subscription?

Subscribers have access to a range of Technical Support options to minimize delays and

I work from home, the office, and on the road— is it possible to use my software in all three places?

An advantage of subscribing is that customers have Home Use and Global Travel Rights—
allowing use of the software virtually anywhere, any time.

I am not always connected to the internet. Will I lose access to my software?

No! You’ll need an internet connection to activate your software the first time you use your
new subscription. You can then work offline for up to 30 days, at which point you’ll need to
connect to the internet to keep using the software.

Download the full list of eligible Autodesk products and subscriptions PDF Here.

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