7 Questions and Answers About Product Design Collection

Autodesk® Product Design Collection
Questions and answers

1) Why should I get Product Design Collection?

Product Design Collection is the Autodesk Industry Collection for professionals in the Manufacturing industry. If you need more than one of the included products, (for example AutoCAD & Inventor), Product Design Collection is right for you since it offers superior value compared to subscribing to individual products, more flexible access, and a simpler experience overall.

2) What are the key difference between Product Design Suite and Product Design Collection?

Product Design Collection is different than Product Design Suite (PrDS) in 3 important ways:

  1. Ultimate Capability at a Premium Price. Unlike PrDS which had Premium and Ultimate level offerings, Product Design Collection has just one level that includes most of the products previously available in the significantly higher priced Product Design Suite Ultimate – at a lower price that is highly comparable to Product Design Suite Premium.
  2. Alias Design not included. Product Design Collection does not include Alias Design, whereas Product Design Suite Ultimate did. For the minority of customers who wish to also have Alias Design, they can subscribe to it separately.
    Includes Factory Design Utilities.
  3. Product Design Collection includes the Factory Design Utility tools that were previously only available as part of Factory Design Suite. Including them makes factory layout and planning capabilities accessible to more customers and eliminates needing to choose between tools for product or factory design – you get both.

3) Does Product Design Collection include access to Fusion 360?

Yes, Product Design Collection also provides access to Fusion 360 and a number of cloud services that can help you modernize your workflows and prepare for the Future of Making Things. With Product Design Collection you do not need to choose between tools you need for today vs. tomorrow – you get both.

4) What about Factory Design Suite and the Factory Design Utilities?

For manufacturers with layout and factory planning needs, Product Design Collection is the only way to access the Factory Design Utility tools that were previously only available as part of Factory Design Suite.
New seats of Factory Design Suite are no longer available. The Factory Design Utilities which used to be part of it, are now included in Product Design Collection. There is no Factory Design Collection.

5) Can I just renew Product Design Suite or Factory Design Suite?

Yes, customers can continue to renew their Suites for as long as they wish. Product Design Collection is the option for new seats only.

6) If I’m already a subscriber to Product Design Suite, can I switch my subscription to Product Design collection?

Yes, beginning in October 2016, Subscribers (previously Desktop Subscription) to Product Design Suite can switch their current subscription to Product Design Collection. More information about this capability will be communicated separately.

7) What if I need other products that aren’t included in the collection?

While Product Design Collection includes what we consider the most essential tools for product design & development, other Autodesk products are available for subscription separately.

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