InventorCAM is the best solution for manufacturing inside of Autodesk® Inventor™. Now, iMachining in InvenotrCAM can cut your machining times by 70%!

The most successful manufacturing companies today are using integrated CAD/CAM systems to reduce costs and get products to market faster. In the past, integrated CAD/CAM solutions were so expensive that only Fortune 500 companies could afford them. Integrated CAD/CAM solutions were also difficult to learn and use, so a company needed degreed engineers to tackle the complexities. InventorCAM has broken that tradition by providing an easy to use, powerful pairing of applications that has a low initial investment and a short ROI timetable.

InventorCAM is completely integrated inside today’s leading CAD solution, Autodesk Inventor. Due to its integration, all machining strategies are defined without ever leaving the CAD environment. When using InventorCAM, there is no loss of data or other problems with translation that tend to plague stand alone CAM software packages. Because InventorCAM is truly associative, changes to the design are automatically updated through to the tool path.

InventorCAM is an extremely powerful tool for machined part programming. The powerful geometry selection and creation tools found within your design environment are rounded out with specialist tools in InventorCAM. The combination of these tools minimizes the time spent selecting areas to be machined or limited from machining. The user works in assembly mode so he/she can simply pull components from a library to model entire setups, including machine tables, fixtures, and vises. Manufacturing can be automated through the use of the built-in knowledge database. This database is not a static template, but it can be dynamically driven by changes in tools, geometry and strategies.

InventorCAM is proven technology from a company that has been in the business for 28 years.


InventorCAM iMachining Explained

iMachining is a true breakthrough in CNC Milling Tool path technology that enables cutting 2 to 3 times faster and deeper by optimizing tool cutting angles and feed through the entire tool path.

You can use your existing CNC milling machines to run faster and deeper, with even the smallest cutting tools in the hardest materials.

Seeing is believing, as iMachining shows all users how it can save up to 70% of machining timedramatically extend tool life and simplify CAM programming, all in real-time, live cutting demonstrations.

The iMachining Technology Wizard

Unlike other CAM systems that leave users guessing at CNC machining parameters like Speeds and Feeds, iMachining uses a patented “Technology Wizard” that expertly guides users through all steps to optimize the production job.

With the Wizard, iMachining uses the tool data, together with geometry, material and CNC machine properties, to generate smooth morphing spiral toolpaths which ensure constant cutting force on the tool. The calculated CNC-programs avoid continuous repositioning and time-consuming air cutting movements like insertion, retraction and withdrawing.

The results are significantly higher metal removal rates and also reduced load and wear on the tools and CNC machines. Users enjoy shorter cutting-times for increased CNC machine productivity, longer tool life, better machining process, reduced CNC machine wear and the best surface machining quality.

See iMachining in Action — Watch the Video!

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Purchasing InventorCAM

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