Autodesk® Vault FAQ

What is Autodesk® Vault?

Autodesk® Vault software, the main component of the Autodesk® Data Management Server, is a server-based application that provides a repository for document and file storage and management.


Why should I use Autodesk® Vault?

Autodesk® Vault accelerates development cycles, simplifies data management, improves engineering productivity, and protects all your engineering data.

Autodesk® Vault provides the following benefits to any user or organization that implements it, including:

  • Drafting and design in sync across all project drawings.
  • True multi-user access to crucial project data.
  • Versioning of project data.
  • Archiving of project data.
  • User-level access control.
  • Folder-level access control.
  • Easy access to, and management of, project data.


Can I manage user permissions with Autodesk Data Management Server?

Yes, Autodesk® Data Management Server allows for the creation, management, and assigning of permissions to individual users for a particular Vault. Security is set by user and role, and is applied to everything contained in a Vault. Permission can also be set at an individual folder level within a Vault.


How can I work with project files remotely?

You can work with project files remotely by setting the working folder to a local drive. When you check the drawing out, the file resides locally on your hard drive.


Do I need special hardware or software to use Autodesk® Vault and/or Autodesk® Content Center?

If you are a standalone Autodesk® Inventor user who needs to store and access Vault and/or Content Center data on the same computer, you do not need any additional hardware or software. Although not required, you may choose to use Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) for improved performance of Content Center. If you are a member of a multi-user team who needs to access Inventor data stored on a remote server network, you do not need any additional hardware or software. Additional requirements and options exist for remote server installations. Please contact Applied Engineering for more information.


Do I need a big IT budget to install, use, and maintain Autodesk® Vault?

No. Autodesk® Vault installs easily, without any complex deployments or extensive IT support. Autodesk® Vault is integrated into Autodesk® Inventor Series and Autodesk® Inventor Professional with an intuitive interface that helps design teams quickly become effective.

Autodesk® Vault Implementation Information

Now that we’ve cleared any myths and answered any questions, you can learn more about our Autodesk® Vault RapidSetup program for implementing Autodesk® Vault.

If you’re wondering what is typically included in the RapidSetup program for Autodesk® Vault, you can download our RapidSetup Overview brochure.