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How We Fit – Software Development

Enhancing Products with Software Development In a recent project, our Software Development team wrote code to communicate with machine controllers (or “brain boxes”) that orchestrate the machine’s movement and functionality. The “Analyzer” software was created to ensure all the features available on these machines were operating together in unison. Utilizing … Read More

How We Fit – Manufacturing

Manufacturing Projects for Quality and Cost Reduction In a recent project, Applied was asked to help manage projects with minimal oversight from the idea stage to implementation. Applied’s customer had a large backlog of quality improvement and cost reduction projects needing implementation. The customer engaged Applied to review the backlog … Read More

How We Fit – Design

Extending A Customers Design Capacity In a recent project, Applied Engineering assisted a construction company with design requests from their customers. The customers of the construction company had requested new buckets and components to improve their current machines. The construction company did not have the engineering resources required to fulfill … Read More

Applied is Ready | Compilation

For the past two months, Applied Engineering has been focusing on how we can help with your next Software Development project. We compiled a series of articles demonstrating past projects, hoping to inspire solutions for your company. Review them below and share with your peers! If you’re interested in learning … Read More

Applied is Ready | Article 5

The Bobcat company, a designer and manufacture of skid steers and excavators, had an issue searching the thousands of existing product manuals. There was no easy way to navigate and find a specific manual. The Challenge – Create a easily searchable system that could index gigabytes of pdf files into … Read More

Applied is Ready | Article 4

Applied Engineering worked with a local government agency to modernize their set of legacy applications. The complexity of these applications required a developer to manually update basic information. The Challenge – develop and incorporate changes to an existing application that will allow for an employee to easily manage the program … Read More

Applied is Ready | Article 3

Applied Engineering was tasked to help a local government agency transition their software platform. With numerous applications that had been created to fit a specific need, over time they became difficult to manage. In this case, these applications were created to help reserve shelters and swimming pools in the community. … Read More

Applied is Ready | Article 2

Applied Engineering worked with a local government agency to replace existing software that had become difficult to accommodate users looking to reserve campsites. Previously, manual changes were required to reflect monthly rates, annual rates, and to display campground schedules. The Challenge – create a more reliable/ stable method to organize … Read More

Applied is Ready | Article 1

An upper mid-west manufacturing company, with its combination of AS400/MAPICS and SQL Server database accounting, manufacturing and operational systems challenged Applied Engineering’s Software Development team to develop an integration strategy with one of its most important company assets – its Autodesk AutoCAD design drawings. The technologies were decades apart, but … Read More

Amber Waves – Reducing the cost of Field Repairs

Our customer, Amber Waves, produces a variety of agriculture-related products, including large bin storage hoppers. These bins are built to hold grain or other ‘flowable’ material with extra heavy steel made-to-order and made-to-last. The combination of the welded steel and aeration prevent contamination of the material stored. The Challenge – … Read More