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Breaking the Status Quo | Tuohy

Applied Engineering is different because “we fit” your company. Not only do we make this claim, but we have the experience and portfolio to back it up.

Customer Profile

Tuohy is a furniture manufacturer that was founded in the mid-1900s by Joseph Tuohy. Since their humble beginnings, Tuohy has grown into an international brand. Much of what Tuohy’s products and services are today has been driven first by the collective voices of designers and customers worldwide.


Tuohy has utilized Applied’s talented staff for many tasks related to design efficiency. Our talented software developers have done multiple projects for Tuohy over the last three years including AutoCAD plugins, Inventor add-ins, and converting excel order spreadsheets into SQL databases.

Most recently, we coded a program that sorts wood panels, so they show up to the warehouse in the most efficient order for processing and manufacturing.  Additionally, our technology team provides Tuohy with the Autodesk software that allows them to run these programs and optimize efficiency.

How We’re Different

Applied Engineering has a multi-faceted staff of engineers and software developers that work with you to create programs that benefit your company by improving organization and increasing efficiency.


Applied Engineering is the only firm with the talent and technology to fit your project, your process, and your culture.

Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your next project!