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Applied is Ready | Article 5

The Bobcat company, a designer and manufacture of skid steers and excavators, had an issue searching the thousands of existing product manuals. There was no easy way to navigate and find a specific manual.

The Challenge – Create a easily searchable system that could index gigabytes of pdf files into a manageable website.

Critical Success Factors:

  • An inclusive method gathering the current and past product manuals
  • A consistent presentation of the different product manuals
  • An intuitive navigation window to search for information

Applied’s team of programmers and IT professionals worked with Bobcat to develop a custom Online library accessible to users around the world. A two-sided approach was used to handle both the indexing and the presentation of the product manuals. Each day an automated program scanned through the thousands of product manuals in the archives and pushed all relevant data into an easy-to-search database.

As a result, a secure website was created that merged the immense volume of information with an easily navigated and searchable interface. The website administrators had the ability to easily customize the appearance and function of the website.

In the end, this solution also included a mini-application that runs on a USB key for a more portable version of the product manual library. This solution has since been expanded to the customer’s global operations.

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