New Era for Engineers – Robots in the Workforce

Robots in the Workforce

Engineers are entering a new world of enhanced robotics, factory automation, 3D printing, generative design, and design-make-use convergence, engineers’ project limitations are fading away. And it’s all because machine learning, computing power, and robots in the workforce are increasingly capable and intelligent.

Soon, engineers will be able to design the best thing possible and then hand it to robots to dissect and turn into a series of assembled 3D-printed components. It sounds like an impossible world, but in 10 years, it will be much more likely.

So what does increased automation mean for professional engineers in manufacturing and construction? Will automation devour their jobs, or will engineering roles evolve?

Answer: A more localized, customized, and creative industrial revolution is emerging.

Welcome, Future Engineer. Currently, creative engineers are forced to build geometry in CAD systems to assess the viability of design ideas. In the future, their time will be better spent analyzing and constructing the problem statement, so computers can generate new geometric options and help engineers iterate faster. As a result, the scope of problems will increase, creating new challenges and opportunities.

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