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Manufacturing Projects for Quality and Cost Reduction

Our Task

Recently, Applied was asked to help manage projects with minimal oversight from the idea stage to implementation. Applied’s customer had a large backlog of quality improvement and cost reduction projects needing implementation. The customer engaged Applied to review the backlog and prioritize the project list. Through evaluation, Applied began to develop design modifications to provide quality improvements and cost reductions.

Our Reach

From the evaluation to the submission of ideas, Applied worked independently and managed the projects from validation to design, testing, tooling, and manufacturing. Our customers come from all parts of North America, stating the choose Applied Engineering for the reliability of the tooling, top-notch design, and the rapid response time.

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Project Spotlight: Poly-Tex


Customer Profile

Poly-Tex is a manufacturer and retailer of greenhouses and display systems. For over 30 years now, Poly-Tex has grown and changed along with the green industry while still holding true to their roots, and they continually search for ways to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.


A few years ago, to organize and secure important data, Poly-Tex purchased Vault – a product data management program – from our technology team. Applied implemented Vault and facilitated the data transfer.

In addition, our software engineers constructed drawing templates, start parts, and borders. These items organize their data and increase design efficiency. Each year Applied ensures that Poly-Tex’s systems are updated with the latest version of Vault and verifies data integrity.

How We’re Different

Most companies help via online messages or over the phone. Applied Engineering goes above this preconceived notion of service. Our talented employees went to Poly-Tex’s site to ensure that the data was transferred correctly and completely.


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Applied is a Good “Fit” Because…

Applied is a good fit because...

Applied Engineering is the only firm with the talent and technology to fit your project, your process, and your culture. We are your local resource for engineering, software development, technology implementation, training, and support, as well as printing and scanning services.

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