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Manufacturing Efficiency – Diving Deeper

Diving Deeper

Applied Engineering dives deep into your manufacturing processes to assess which areas are working and which areas could use improvement. Some areas that often could use improvements include:

  • Overall workflow
  • Technology
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Real-time KPI
  • Data flow
  • More!

Improving a company’s manufacturing efficiency is a continual process.

  • Background: Establish a baseline (time studies, throughput, identify and record KPI), evaluate your process and conduct a workflow study, identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Plan: Make an improvement plan based on the background data – i.e. leverage lean principles (minimize non-value actions), factory layout, software integration, manufacturing engineering software.
  • Implement plan: Schedule the complete identified plan. Complete an ongoing evaluation during implementation.
  • Review: It is important to review the changes you’ve made and assess their level of success. This should be an ongoing process.

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Employee Spotlight: Paul Bartron

Meet Applied’s Director of Printing & Reprographics, Paul Bartron. Paul has been with Applied since 2019, and has spent the last year and a half focusing on how to expand our printing and scanning capabilities. Watch the video below!

Paul Bartron

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