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February 2020 Newsletter

We Fit Your Analysis Challenges

Applied Engineering’s talent, technology, and adaptability will help you conquer your challenges.

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  • Structural Analysis: Our FEA team specializes in structural analysis of mechanical systems, including complex, non-linear materials and effects.
  • Fluid Dynamics: Our CFD experts will help you analyze complex fluid flows of optimize product behavior before manufacturing.
  • Failure Analysis: Have a problem in the field? Our analysis team can look at the failure, analyze it, and recommend corrective actions.


  • Your Application: Our Applied analysts will take the time to understand your company and the application thoroughly, ensuring services meet your expectations.
  • Tools: We know how to get the most out of today’s technologically advanced software.
  • Industry: We are more than just data crunchers. Our analysts have real-world experience correlating analysis results to physical tests, ensuring reliable results you can trust.

Improve Your Business:

  • Reduce Time To Market: Digital simulation helps you reduce physical prototyping and testing, allowing you to beat your competitors to market.
  • Improve Quality: Warranty repairs are costly and negatively affect your brand. Our analysis services can help reduce or eliminate these failures.
  • Reduce Product Cost: Applied can help you improve your products by eliminating unnecessary material, fasteners, and complexity.

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We Fit Your Software Development Challenges

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Applied Engineering was tasked to help a local government agency transition their software platform. The agency had numerous applications that were created to fit a specific need and, over time, they became difficult to manage.

The Challenge
Applied was tasked with creating a facility reservation system that would combine the multiple existing systems and incorporate them into a single web-based system that allowed for easier reservations of shelters and swimming pools in the area.

The Solution
Applied’s task was to develop a custom application that would incorporate the required functionality of the existing reservation systems and allow for complex filters regarding seasons, dates, and rates. Applied designed and implemented an application to search date ranges to find shelters and facilities that are available for reservation. Filters were used to narrow down searches based upon dates, number of people attending, non-profit organizations, birthday parties, etc. Once reserved, the application allows for different means of payment including an integration with a third-party credit card processing API. In addition, the application allows for beverage permits to be purchased and printed along with the receipts for the shelter or facility reservation.

The Outcome
By utilizing Applied, the challenge was met with a modern, user-friendly software platform. The application now can create reports that can be saved for organizational purposes, thus increasing operational efficiency.

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