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Applied is Ready | Article 2

Applied Engineering worked with a local government agency to replace existing software that had become difficult to accommodate users looking to reserve campsites. Previously, manual changes were required to reflect monthly rates, annual rates, and to display campground schedules.

The Challenge – create a more reliable/ stable method to organize reservations for a local campground.

Critical Success Factors:

  • Eliminate frequent costly maintenance by programming
  • Smooth transition from a previous developer of the application
  • Convert the existing site from classic ASP to utilize ASP.NET Framework
  • Move the database from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Create a public website that allows customers to register and reserve campground sites online
  • Allow for an administration section to update/change reservations
  • Build an automatic process to generate invoices and checks for previous payments and credits

Applied was chosen to replace the previous developer. Using a combination of ASP, ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL server database, and integrated third party credit card processing API, Applied made significant design changes to better accommodate users while making campsite reservations. The new application developed allows campers to reserve different campsites, as well as with purchasing different items with credit card processing.

Outcome – By utilizing Applied, the challenge was met and the client has increased communication and efficiency when it comes to reserving campground sites.

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