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Impact Dakota and Applied Engineering offers North Dakota Manufacturers: A Product and Process Design Assessment




Applied Engineering’s engineering and software teams, for over 30 years, have helped manufacturers design and deliver products and technology with its top talent, total technology, and absolute adaptability. To learn more about Applied Engineering, visit their website. Impact Dakota’s team, for 17 years, has delivered technical, educational, and growth services to all levels of manufacturers for profitability and continued success. To learn more about Impact Dakota, visit their website.

While product design provides the foundation for breakthrough products, the process, systems, and people who execute the vision with purpose is equally important. Applied Engineering and Impact Dakota have teamed up to offer North Dakota manufacturers and entrepreneurs an opportunity to engage with experts in product design and manufacturing. This assessment draws from real-life client successes and is open to manufacturers at any stage of maturity. During this 1-2 day engagement, this team will pursue the following areas:

  • Review the foundation of product design
  • Visualize how to move from idea to working model
  • Discuss Rapid Prototyping through Animation and Computerized Analysis
  • Determine the impact of ‘fully engineered’ product design
  • Evaluate processing lead time
  • Understanding Inventory
  • Utilization, Operation, and Flow
  • What is ‘The Team’?
  • System Integration and Software
To Contact Applied Engineering:                 To Contact Impact Dakota:
   Aaron Sorenson                                               Mark Velosky
   701-281-1884                                                   701-412-3319                
Offer Valid through April 1, 2019