Let Applied Engineering scan-to-file your “AS-BUILT” and “Existing Conditions” Drawings.

Files can be emailed, through our SecureSend file share, or put on a CD or your supplied flash drive.

What are As-Built Drawings?

As-Built Plans are drawings which document accurate measurements of a building alteration, addition or system installation. These drawings are typically prepared for Contractors, Sub-Contractors, MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers. An As-Built Drawing can often be necessary throughout the building design and construction. Generally the changes are hand written or noted on the on-site plans. Therefore they need to be scanned to a digital file for records.

What are Existing Conditions Plans?

Existing Conditions are drawings which present measurements of an existing space or structure. These drawings are typically used by Architects, Engineers and Contractors as a base for design. Many of the Existing plans are old, tattered, and may not even have digital files. We can scan these plans to pdf, tif, or jpeg files for easy to retrieving and sharing with your design team.

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