Leveraging the Best of Both Worlds

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You still have the same advantages of Applied’s flexible solutions, talent, and technology that fits your project. However NOW you will ALSO have Caresoft’s global support for many projects such as technical publications, electrical engineering, and manufacturing engineering.

With our Caresoft global partnership, we have increased our capacity and capabilities while significantly reducing overall project costs. The combination leverages the benefits of local resources and the cost competitiveness of global resourcing. This benefit is obtained through effective local project management and exceptional customer engagement.

Caresoft has a proven track record as a financially robust and customer focused organization. Caresoft’s integrated team structure ensures leveraging of knowledge across service domains and this helps provide a holistic approach in bringing greater business benefits to our Customers.

Applied Engineering blends talent and technology into a perfect fit for your business. We can help concept, design and test your manufacturing products or processes with our full-time engineers sitting in your office or offsite. We can customize the top engineering tools to how you and your team work. We can design and build IT infrastructure and custom systems to support your entire business. And we can deliver it all-the engineering ideas and engineered IT-from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about it.

With this perfect fit partnership will take your worries away, either it be onshore with Applied Engineering or offshore with Caresoft. Our partnership will show it all. For more information check out our websites https://www.go-applied.com/ or http://caresoftglobal.com/

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