Your company is expanding. You’re feeling the impact of the economic boom. These are great things. But do you ever find your head swimming with How are we going to stay ahead, Who can upgrade our software, We need to cut our production time in half, How can we keep our IT systems secure … ?

Running an efficient machine is hard work, and sometimes it takes the help of other machines like Applied Engineering. We offer solutions and support for companies seeking everything from simple fixes to long-range planning. We’ve worked with clients in a vast array of industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing and many more. See how our solutions fit your needs.

Engineering Services

If you’re looking for the expertise and personnel to analyze and complete your project on time and on target, Applied Engineering has the resources and people to get the job done.

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Software Development

If you’re looking for ways to streamline workflows, manage data or find technology solutions, Applied Engineering can help. From improving efficiencies to digital prototyping options, our experts can go to work to help your bottom line.

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Technology Solutions & IT Services

If you’re looking for stability, reliability and security of your data, hardware and software, Applied Engineering’s technology team can help with network architecture, technology recommendations, and system migration and implementation.

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Reprographics & Printing

If you’re looking for large-format printing, storage and digitization of paper prints, drawings and architectural renderings, Applied Engineering can help you review, print, ship, distribute and archive, so you can focus on your project.

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Let’s get to work. Contact our solutions team today.