Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Advanced

People taking Excel-Advanced should already be familiar with intermediate-level tasks such as sorting data, linking worksheets and outlining and consolidating data. People should have a goal of becoming proficient in performing advanced tasks such as creating nested functions, working with data tables, exporting and importing data, performing what-if analyses and [ … ]

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Microsoft Excel for Engineers

Excel for Engineers was custom designed by Applied for Engineers and any individuals working within an engineering capacity. The goal of the course is to help Engineers of all disciplines increase their knowledge, productivity, and capabilities with Microsoft Excel, within the context of engineering. Examples and exercises utilized in the [ … ]

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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

People taking Excel-Intermediate should be comfortable using a PC with Microsoft Windows XP and have some experience using Microsoft Excel. People should have a goal of becoming proficient in tasks such as consolidating data, using advanced chart formatting options, sorting and filtering lists, using special formatting options, using templates, using [ … ]

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