Autodesk Lathe


Whether you are using CAM for the first time or you have experience with other CAM programs like Mastercam, Gibbscam, or SolidEdge, this class is for you. The course is designed to cover generating lathe and live tooling toolpaths using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Inventor. Creating a setup, adding tool paths, creating a setup sheet, and finally posting the needed g-code that will be loaded into the machine.

  • Creating a Setup
  • Lathe Operations
  • Mill/Turn Operations with Tool Orientation
  • Creating a Setup Sheet
  • Post Processing
  • Tool Library Creation and Configuration
  • Configuring Cloud Tool Libraries and Posts
  • CAM Templates
  • Toolpath patterning


A basic understanding of the principles of a CNC lathe and live tooling is recommended. Students should have a basic understanding of macOS or Windows.

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