Creo: Advanced Assembly Design & Management

Understand the full assembly functionality of Creo Parametric while concentrating on techniques that maximize large assembly management capabilities as well as an introduction to Top-Down Design. This is a hands-on training guide with a substantial amount of time dedicated to exercises.

Topics include:

•Advanced Component Placement
•Top Down Design
•Managing External References
•Assembly Management
•Skeleton Models
•Assembly Duplication Tools
•Assembly Family Tables
•Display Styles
•Layers and Suppression
•Creating Parts and Features in an Assembly
•Controlling External References
•Merge and Cut Out, Intersections
•Copy Geometry Features
•Inheritance Features
•Simplified Representations
•Assembly Relations
•Interchange Assembles (appendix)


Creo Parametric: Introduction to Solid Modeling, and Creo Parametric: Core Update Wildfire to Creo Parametric or equivalent Creo Parametric experience