Autodesk® Vault and Vault Professional RapidSetup

Applied Engineering offers RapidSetup for Autodesk® Vault. The RapidSetup program for Autodesk® Vault is intended for customers with up to five users of Autodesk® Inventor, AutoCAD® Mechanical or AutoCAD® Electrical.

The Vault RapidSetup implementation program includes 4-6 days* of consulting by the Applied certified implementation experts.


The certified experts will:

  • Evaluate your Business.
  • Plan the Implementation.
  • Form a Project Team.
  • Execute the Implementation Plan.

Company Evaluation

During the company evaluation, our certified experts will review the customer’s goals, current processes and design data. From the evaluation, our implementation experts develop an initial project plan to ensure all customer goals are being met.

Plan the Implementation

An implementation plan will developed as a Gantt chart. The specific Statements of Work will be completed. The customer is involved in every step of the process and will be required to sign off on documentation before work is done.

Form a Project Team

Applied Engineering will work closely with the customer during the first stages of Planning the Implementation to form a project team. The project team will be responsible for communicating the implementation to the rest of the company, making decisions about the implementation and signing and approving documentation related to the implementation. The project team will consist of members from Applied Engineering and the customer’s company.

Successfully Execute the Implementation Plan

The certified implementation experts work closely with the project team throughout the implementation to assure customer goals are being met. The project team will be responsible for making any changes to the Implementation Plan due to changes in goals or unforseen issues that arise. Applied Engineering will also provide a short ‘Getting you Started’ Vault training. However, this training does not replace the Autodesk® Vault Essentials course that we offer.

Additional Information

If you’re wondering what is typically included in the RapidSetup program for Autodesk Vault, you can click here for more information. 

Frequently asked questions about Autodesk® Vault
Frequently asked questions about Autodesk® Vault Professional.

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*Due to unpredictable issues, the RapidSetup for Autodesk® Vault may require additional consulting time. Also, to successfully implement Autodesk® Vault, network access by the Applied Engineering Technology experts is required.