Autodesk® Vault Professional™ FAQ

What is Autodesk Vault Professional™?

Autodesk® Vault Professional™ software extends the power of Autodesk® Vault and gets you to market faster by enabling you to not only share your design data, but also maintain control of it as it moves downstream. Implement an automated release and change management process with complete tracking of bills of materials (BOM) and related design information. Integrate with other business systems to improve information transfer and reduce errors associated with manual data entry, all while allowing the engineering department to maintain control of the design.


Does my company need Autodesk® Vault Professional™?

If your company is looking for ways to improve design process time, improve accuracy and maintain control of the design data in the Engineering department Autodesk® Vault Professional™ could be for you. Autodesk Vault Professional will also help you maintain your BOM and automate you design process including release management and engineering change orders.


What features does Autodesk® Vault Professional™ offer?

Organize and Search Data

With the ability to vault any file, perform basic and advanced searches, and organize data to suit your design process, Autodesk® Vault Professional™ improves users’ ability to find and reuse valuable design information.

Copy Designs

Save hours with powerful copy functionality that prevents users from having to re-create models and drawings. Users can copy an entire design, including all related files. This process creates a new design and provides the option to choose which files are copied and given new names, and which files are reused.

Revisions and Lifecycles

Prevent CAD users from working on incorrect revisions or manufacturing teams building from designs that are under change. All of the PDM applications in the Autodesk® Vault Professional™ family provide flexible, secure revision and lifecycle schemes that give users full control over the lifecycle of any design data.

2D and 3D Viewing and Markup

Quickly complete reviews and gather comments on designs using DWF™ technology to reduce communication errors in design reviews. Built-in Autodesk® DesignReview software provides powerful viewing, markup, and measure functionality.

Property Mapping

Bidirectional property mapping allows attributes to be exchanged and synchronized between CAD files (Autodesk® Inventor™, AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Mechanical, and AutoCAD® Electrical) and vaulted items.

Multiuser Management

Allow multiple users to safely and simultaneously interact with the same design data without worrying about overwriting each other’s data.

Multi-CAD and Office Integration

Capture, manage, and reuse all design-related information throughout the product lifecycle. Autodesk data management tools are tightly integrated with all Autodesk® manufacturing products, SolidWorks®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and Microsoft® Office.

BOM Management

Exercise complete control over the bill of materials (BOM) using a simple interface to manage materials and quantities required for a design. Create a BOM directly from the CAD part structure, and then add, delete, or change BOM items and quantities to maintain a true engineering BOM.

Automated Release Process

Manual processes for release and change can lead to design project delays and shop-floor errors. Autodesk’s PDM applications give design teams the choice of standard or configurable processes for release and engineering change order management, helping them avoid costly mistakes and remove process bottlenecks.

Understand the Impact of Change

Discover and understand the impact of changing a design before committing to it. With simple ‘Where Used’ and ‘Uses’ functionality, users can analyze where specific files and items, both CAD and non-CAD, have been used across multiple assemblies, drawings, and BOMs.

Autodesk® Vault Professional™ Implementation Information

Now that we’ve cleared any myths and answered any questions, you can learn more about our Autodesk® Vault Professional™ RapidSetup program for Autodesk® Vault Professional™ implementation.