Autodesk® Powermill® 2022

Autodesk PowerMill® CAM software provides strategies for 3-axis and 5-axis subtractive and additive manufacturing. Get tools for making molds, dies, and other highly complex parts.

Features in PowerMill® enable easier 3- and 5-axis programming, simulation, and verification, so manufacturers can get more from their subtractive, additive, and hybrid machines.

Autodesk® PowerMill is available in three varieties:

  • PowerMill Standard
  • PowerMill Premium
  • PowerMill Ultimate

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Autodesk® PowerMill Features

Autodesk PowerMill has features and tools including:

  • Expert Performance
  • High-speed roughing
  • 5-axis programming and multi-axis machining
  • Comprehensive finishing
  • Modeling tools to enhance CAM programming/li>
  • Auto tool tilting
  • Blisk and impeller machining
  • Electrode manufacture
  • Schedule production, track jobs, and monitor CNC machines
  • Optimize mold designs and improve manufacturing
  • Use metrology to control manufacturing quality
  • Combine additive and subtractive processes

Purchasing Autodesk® PowerMill

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing Autodesk® PowerMill. Applied Engineering is authorized to sell Autodesk products throughout the United States and has offices in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

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