Autodesk® Fusion 360 Manage

Autodesk® Fusion 360 Manage is the next generation of cloud based product lifecycle management (PLM).

Autodesk PLM provides enterprise-wide collaboration for all involved in the product lifecycle – from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing – everyone working from a central source so you can bring better products to market faster.

With everyone working from a central source, you can bring better products to market faster.

Autodesk® Fusion 360 Manage Capabilities

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is capable of the following:

  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Bill of Materials
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Product Data Management (PDM)

Benefits of Autodesk® Fusion 360 Manage

Connect people, processes, and data from early design concept through engineering to production and services.

Get to market faster – Provide access to product data anytime, anywhere across departments and locations to eliminate bottlenecks, improve productivity, and reduce cycle time.

Reduce costs – Automate product development and manufacturing processes to increase design reuse, avoid costly errors, and eliminate excessive rework and scrap.

Create better products – Capture and share product quality information with engineering for closed loop traceability and design improvements earlier in the development cycle.

Which data management solution is right for you?



Fusion 360 Manage

Configure your designs and manage and track RFPs (Win more bids)

Manage and coordinate your on-premise product data


Implement NPI, quality management and customer service (Servicing & Maintenance)


Create manufacturing data (BOM, Drawings, Nesting + CAM)


Manage and coordinate your product data with your extended supply chain



Fusion 360 Manage is cloud-based, meaning it is accessible via web browser and can be integrated with a variety of other software or applications. Applied Engineering tailors each integration to your company’s specific needs. 

Purchasing Autodesk® Fusion 360 Manage

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing Autodesk® Fusion 360. Applied Engineering is authorized to sell Autodesk products throughout the United States and has offices in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.